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Facebook’s director of engineering Evan Cheng became a director of engineering, blockchain.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Cheng is a “low-level” computer engineer, who previously specialized in Programming Languages & Runtimes in Facebook and held this position for three years.

Prior to that, Cheng worked at Apple for 10 years, he held the position of Senior Manager, Low Level Tools. He also worked on compilation technology and other back end engineering.

In addition, Evan Cheng is an advisor of a number of blockchain projects, including Zilliqa and ChainLink.
Experts believe that the fact that Cheng was moved to the new position highlights seriousness of social network’s intentions to explore technology of distributed ledger.

It is to be recalled that the Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook David Marcus left his role in the beginning of May to start working on development and implementation of blockchain solutions within the company.

Later it has became known that former Vice President of Product at Instagram Kevin Weil taken up the position of Vice President of Product, Blockchain at Facebook.


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